My repertoire covers solo and concert literature from baroque to modern, classics such as the Handel Concerto in B flat major or the Hindemith Sonata, as well as chamber ensembles and lesser-known harp works.

If you have any specific wishes or requests, I would be happy to hear from you!


All concert programmes are approximately 60-80 minutes long and are accompanied by information on composers and works.

Between the lines - artists and their path to the work

Many compositions are based on a special story of origin, which the composers want to process and record in their work.
This programme is a compilation of such special works for harp. From Debussy's Danses to Natra's Sonata for Harp, this programme contains unknown, funny and touching stories hidden behind the music.

La Harpe francaise - French Music from Romanticism & Impressionism

This programme is entirely dedicated to French works. The harp found a great deal of enthusiasm among some well-known composers, especially during the Romantic and Impressionist periods, and many special pieces for harp were written as a result. For lovers of French music, there is something for everyone here, from well-known to unknown!

Signatures - How harpists invented their own sound

Why does the harp stand for a particularly soft sound, romanticism and glissandi? The programme Signatures deals with this question. In one hour, exemplary pieces will show which composers and personalities have created and spread the special image of the harp.